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Who are we? / Siapa kami?

Stardev merupakan sebuah perusahaan yang mengembangkan berbagai perangkat lunak, aplikasi mobile, aplikasi web maupun layanan-layanan yang berbasis internet untuk memberikan solusi terbaik dari suatu masalah yang ditemui dan memberikan kepuasan kepada pengguna aplikasi atau layanan yang telah dikembangkan.

Sebagai salah satu anak perusahaan dari PT. Winnertech Lintas Nusa, Stardev ini bisa dikatakan merupakan terobosan baru dari PT Winnertech Lintas Nusa untuk mendukung, memotivasi dan ikut berpartisipasi mengenai perkembangan dunia teknologi kreatif di dalam negeri yang kini lebih umum disebut dengan nama “StartUp”.

Our team / Tim kami

Aris Prasetyo

Aryo Sanjaya

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of StarDev

With his experiences in all aspects of the IT industry— from hands-on programming to project management, he brings more than technical expertise to the table.

Aryo excels at communicating technical points in the language of business, ensuring a meeting of minds between our top development he knows business—his software innovations have had significant impact on our business bottom line profitability.

In addition, Aryo’s design and development work demonstrates a natural creativity that leads to highly innovative custom software. With his combined technical savvy and creative approach, Aryo has a talent for seeing business problems from new angles—and developing truly transformative software solutions.


Aris Prasetyo

Aris Prasetyo

SEO and UX Specialist

Aris delivers expertise in search engine marketing & optimization with over 2 years of hands-on experience. Specializing in the early conceptual phases of a design process in UI sketching, prototyping, visual design, and evaluation. With an equal proficiency in strategic online branding and general usability expertise, Aris is a key player in Stardev strategic initiatives.


Indra Cahyadi

Indra Cahyadi

Android Developer

Futsal player, smile a lot, and a good friend to hangout with.



Eko Gandhi Siswanto

Eko Gandhi Siswanto

Web Developer

A Father of two daughter